Frequently Asked Questions

I only need one document destruction bin for a short period of time.  Is this possible?
Yes. We understand that our smaller clients do not need or have the space for a permanent bin and we are happy to take care of your needs on a casual basis.

Is the paper recycled after being shredded?
Yes. All our shredded paper is recycled and remanufactured into new products such as toilet paper, tissues, paper towels and various cardboard products.

Will I receive a certificate of destruction?
Yes.  Our invoices include a certificate of destruction.

Do you have any hidden charges at Suncoast Eco Shredding?
No. We don't charge bin rental.  We have no administration fees.  No certificate fees. No setup costs. No other undisclosed fees.  What you are quoted is what you are charged.  We have heard of some document destruction businesses that charge a variety of "extra fees" including contamination fees.  We don't believe this is fair play.

Do you offer on-site document shredding?
No. On-site document shredding is not cost effective and does not offer the same level of security.

Do you service home offices?
Yes. We can supply your home office with a fill-on-the-spot bin service.

How do I book a document destructon service?
Call 07 5430 6633